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Nanase Hanada was born and raised in Japan, now living and calling beautiful Vancouver home.

Her ceramic journey was influenced from various art forms. At a young age she studied fine art, and traditional Japanese tea ceremonial art. As she pursued her art studies, she moved to the United Kingdom where she majored in fine art.

Later she went on to study Ikebana (Japanese floral arrangement), and was a floral designer in Tokyo and Vancouver.

Her ceramics are crafted with both practicality and delicate beauty in mind, balancing fine art and applied arts.

She treats her ceramics as painting canvases.

She specializes in painting and decorating to add visual layers, experimenting and perfecting many different colors and textures. In addition, her love for cooking and food continuously remind her of the need to design ceramics that cater towards the users need. 

From the artist:

I hope my pieces will bring to people a sense of visual narrative, whilst using the ceramics in everyday life.

For me this is a great medium to express and share my love of art.

I hope that you will enjoy viewing my work on this website. Thank you! 


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